The Land Use Gazetteer is a standard reference tool for local authorities, central government and other planning professionals. It provides a comprehensive listing of 23,000 land uses or property types, with an allocation of each, where relevant, to a Use Class. Principally intended as a guide to material changes of use, it also covers development permitted under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order, as well as other regimes of relevance, such as environmental and waste (Professional versions only). It has been updated to cover all the changes made by SI 2015 No. 596, and NISR 2015 No. 70.

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Bibliography, the original 1995 GPDO as completely amended up to 2015, and also showing this document with the changes brought about by SI 2015 No. 596. This is to allow those familiar with the original 1995 GPDO as amended to see what has changed from the old to the new GPDO, something that is not shown just by SI 2015 No. 596.

Land Use Gazetteer is available in three web versions, with user-friendly databases that take account of legislative changes and relevant decisions in England, Wales and N. Ireland. There has been no printed or PDF version since 2008. Click here for more detail on the web versions.

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